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Due to COVID-19 lockdown, our shop is currently closed. We will re-open on the 15th June!

Please feel free to contact us. We can still reserve items of your choice, which can be collected and/or dispatched after the lockdown is over.


About Us 

14 GIFTS is a Fantasy and Gothic giftware shop owned by George and Elizabeth, an independent, husband and wife-owned business. Our store is at the Eastgate Shopping Centre, which is located in the heart of Gloucester, Gloucestershire in the UK. We specialise in providing giftware and other products for all your spiritual and collectible needs.

The concept for our business module started many years ago when one of our founders became an ordained minister. That was the beginning of a journey that continues still to this day.

From this origin, started our journey of learning about different faith traditions. This included actually "physically" living many great and recognised world religions, which in turn led us to study and practice witchcraft and the occult.

We have lived and studied such religions and practices as Christianity (various sects), Islam (Sunni sect), Mormonism, Paganism (many different branches), Wicca, Hinduism, and Satanism (both atheistic and theistic).

From the study and practice of all the above came the concept of what has now become our life and business. As a result, we also have formed a ministry that aims to help people with their journey of faith. For more information about this, click here

In addition, we have built a multi-faith altar in our shop. This altar is available to anyone who may want to come in and use it. You can write a prayer in our altar book. Or if you want, you can write a private prayer on the provided blank prayer cards and post it in our prayer box.

We do not charge for this service. You are under no obligation to buy anything if you use our altar. It is something that we always wanted to provide as a service for everyone to use. This is what makes our shop more than a shop, and we call it our Temple shop.

We have deliberately aimed to keep the content of this website basic.

In our shop, we encourage people to be able to actually touch and feel the product that they may be considering to purchase. Nothing is kept locked behind a glass cabinet. We think that this is important, and it is lacking in many shops like ours.

We do have Facebook and Instagram where we post the pictures of our new products daily. If anyone would like to purchase through our social media platforms, please message us with the details of the product that you are interested in. We will let you know the price and other details. In addition you can click on the SHOP icon at the top of this page to be connected to our on-line store.

We have a flat rate of postage of only £3.95 for all customers in the UK. We are also able to post internationally. Please message us for details.

We hope that you like our website. If there is anything you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for visiting 14 GIFTS! 

Our Name

We often get asked what our company name and logo actually mean and how they came to life. So, here is the answer to that question:

There was a man named, John Dee, who was an Anglo-Welsh mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and occult philosopher and adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. He was born on July 13, 1527 and died around 1608 or 1609.

During his lifetime, Dee and his associate, Edward Kelly, engaged in the art of scrying or crystal gazing. It is a form of divination that is well known as fortune telling—the contacting of spirits for information.

From this practice, Dee and Kelly had a new language revealed to them, which later became known as Enochian. They translated a total of 19 paragraphs, which they called "keys" or "calls,” of the said language. The 14th key that they translated relates to justice. It is from this that we took our name.

Some say that the Enochian language that was revealed to them was the language of angels. Others say it was the language of demons.

For us, the inverted pentagram, where the number 14 stands, represents a focus on the earth and on human nature. Hence, the one point facing downward (toward the earth) relates to the 14th Enochian key and its meaning of justice.


The pentagram has been used by many religions and spiritual practices throughout the time to represent their beliefs. It was even used by The Knights Templar. In general terms, the pentagram is considered as an elemental symbol with each point for different elements: air, water, earth, fire and spirit. It is also considered as a universal symbol of protection.

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