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We are a supplier of merchandise (for your Spiritual needs) as well as a ministry

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For too long people have been constrained by Religious paths that don't fulfil their Spiritual needs or desires.

Our aim is to help you find the correct Faith/Spiritual path that meets your needs and then to provide you with the items that you need to practice your chosen Faith. 

We like you were once on this path of discovery and couldn't find anywhere or anyone to help us or supply us with the items that we needed to express our Spiritual desires. 

Out of that need came the concept of what you are now reading. In order to fill that gap we started this site, business and ministry. 

We therefore have a physical location that people can visit that is both a retail shop and a Temple. We call it our Temple Shop!

We are a retailer of spiritual and religious merchandise as well as being a ministry with a "in house" ordained minister.

On our facebook and Instagram sites (see links at bottom of this page) we post daily about items of merchandise new in stock. Any of our merchandise can be posted to anywhere in the UK for a fixed postage cost of £2.50.

We hope that you will find that this site helps you!


Click below to find out about our Spiritual/Faith journey that in turn caused us to produce this site, business and ministry!